Exchange engines solutions

Through its two exchange engine solutions, Secodi guarantees immediate troubleshooting at the best price:

Standard engine exchange

An engine reconditioned by us according to Perkins specifications:

Remanufacturing & reconditioning of your engines


An eco friendly second breath, for your engine and the environment


Availability of our all-generation engine stock


1-year warranty

Secodi offers you the possibility to quickly re-motorize your machine thanks to our standard exchange engine solution.

Each reconditioned engine is completely dismantled and reassembled by us, as well as overhauled and cleaned according to Perkins specifications. In addition, we replace wear parts with genuine parts to ensure optimal performance. As we are following Perkins quality specification, we can offer a 1-year warranty.

New engine exchange

The safety of an identical new engine


Replacement of your engine with a new one


Long-term optimum machine operation


Quick solution


2-year warranty

Secodi offers to replace your engine with an identical new engine, and can carry out the replacement intervention in your machine if necessary.